QUARTER Hog Share- DEPOSIT (Dec '23)
QUARTER Hog Share- DEPOSIT (Dec '23)
QUARTER Hog Share- DEPOSIT (Dec '23)
QUARTER Hog Share- DEPOSIT (Dec '23)
QUARTER Hog Share- DEPOSIT (Dec '23)
QUARTER Hog Share- DEPOSIT (Dec '23)
QUARTER Hog Share- DEPOSIT (Dec '23)

QUARTER Hog Share- DEPOSIT (Dec '23)

Quarter Hog Share- Dec '23 Delivery

Please disregard the shipping information, this is for local pickup only in Central Oregon or Local Delivery (Bend, Oregon). Please note the listed price is a DEPOSIT for your share, final balance is due at time of pickup. 


Quarter Hog: ~38-50 lbs of take home meat. Standard Cut and Wrap (no custom requests)

$499 Flat Rate 

Buying Meat in bulk as a Half or Whole Animal share from our farm is the most economical way to source the highest quality meat, raised regeneratively and organically, and in direct support of your land stewards.

Please note that while HALF & WHOLE Hog shares may customize cut and wrap instructions at the butcher, QUARTER Hog shares are based on a standard cut and wrap for 35-40# of take home meat including:

  • Bacon
  • Unseasoned Ground Pork
  • Italian Sausage
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Pork Chops
  • Country Style Ribs
  • Shoulder Roasts
  • Hams/Ham Steaks
  • Fat & Bones

An investment in our meats is an investment in your health, the health of our soils, our waterways, and our regional food communities. Your investment provides good jobs and living wages. Your investment secures your food source despite market disruptions in the commodity food chains. Your investment supports diversified food systems that are resilient.

We believe we are raising the highest quality pork you can find, regeneratively.

Our Organically raised Heritage Breed Hogs live outside on grassy pasture for their whole lives and are fed an Organic grain and alfalfa mix that is grown by us on our farm. They also enjoy the perks of living on an Organic vegetable farm, eating squash, carrots, potatoes and more. The quality of our pork is rare, we control the quality from seed to end of life.  We are very proud to grow the feed our animals eat right here on the farm in a regenerative way, Organically, reducing our carbon footprint, ensuring there are no chemicals or GMOs in the feed they are eating, and improving our soils.

If you are what you eat, eats…. it’s very important to know what the diets of animals we eat are. We believe an Organic and regeneratively grown feed that is grown on our farm to raise our pigs produces a meat that is more nutritious for you, and better for our soils and waterways.


Quarter Hog: $499 Flat Rate ~ 38-50# of take home meat.

Prices INCLUDE harvest, standard cut and wrap, bones and fat.

There are no additional fees.


Animal shares are sold by the Hanging Weight of the Animal. Below are the approximate yields of the take home meat by share size

Whole Hog: ~150 lbs of take home meat (plus bones and fat)

Half Hog: ~75 lbs of take home meat (plus bones and fat)

Quarter Hog: ~ 35-50 lbs of take home meat (plus bones and fat) 

All animal shares include the bones and fat, free of charge, for rendering into bone broth and lard!


Please see the handy graphic included in the product images!

Freezers come in four basic sizes: compact (5 cubic feet), small (6 to 9 cubic feet), medium (12 to 18 cubic feet) and large (18 to 25 cubic feet).

One cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 30 pounds of meat.

Here are recommendations for cubic feet needed based on size of Meat Share:

Whole Hog - 9 cubic feet

Half Hog - 4.5 cubic feet

Quarter Hog ~ 2 cubic feet

If you have any questions about buying meat this way, feel free to reach out to customerservice@casadfamilyfarms.com and we will assist you.



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