Premium Beef Box
Premium Beef Box
Premium Beef Box
Premium Beef Box
Premium Beef Box

Premium Beef Box

Enjoy the premium steaks from our regeneratively grazed, grass fed and grass finished beef.

Our cattle are rotationally grazed on pasture their whole live, and then finished on a high carb hay we reserve for our finishers. This approach gives our grass fed & finished beef an appealing intermuscular marbling of fat while avoiding the gastrointestinal problems that come with a grain finish. This is the highest quality meat, raised with animal welfare and soil regeneration at the heart of our farm's ethos. Our meats are Land to Market Verified, to learn more about this Regenerative Certification visit our "Our Difference"  page to learn more about why our meats are truly a cut above. 


Included in this box:

- 2 Pkgs of Rib Steak 

- 2 Pkgs of Top Sirloin Steak 

- 2 Pkgs of T-Bone Steak

- 1 Pkg of Bavette/Flank Steak 

Total ~ 10 Approx. pounds

*Boxes may include slightly different contents depending on cut availability. Substituted items will be of equal or greater value.


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