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2022 is a year of new chapters at Casad Family Farms and we couldn't be more thrilled to share with you the launch of our new website, blog, newsletter and most importantly...

Meat Boxes delivered directly to your doorstep!!

The launch of this direct delivery Meat Box project is VERY exciting for us, we have been working very hard toward this for years.

Before we tell you about the drool-worthy steaks, bacon and chorizo about to land on your doorstep, I want to take a moment to explain our "Why"

For Chris and I, the last 2 years of farming in Madras have been full of great successes, and also great challenges. If you don't already know, all of the West has been in a sustained, historic drought for the last 7 years. Each year the drought persists, the less water many farmers have to grow crops. We are not alone, all of our peers are walking through these challenges. But, we believe life's greatest challenges present opportunities for growth, learning and new perspectives.


We have been asking ourselves these questions:

What is this land asking of us?

What are these times asking of us?


Vegetable farming was our gateway into this profession. Acres upon acres of Organic veggies have been the driving industry of the farm. As a part of farmer Chris' artistry and skill, he has practiced the integration of animals in his farm system as one of the main components of his fertility plan. Manure, ammonia rich urine, the light agitation from the hooves of a cow or the snout of a pig, the pest controlling presence of chickens and their nitrogen rich poop all do what no chemical fertilizer could ever do:

Create vitality.

So, while animal husbandry has been a part of the farm for nearly a decade, it is now becoming more of a focus for us and the farm.

It's what the land is asking of us.

With very little irrigation waters this year and for the foreseeable future, planting drought-resilient cover crops and grazing animals is the primary way we can best steward this landscape.

So, I wanted to give some context to the start of this new chapter. Ecologically & economically, animal husbandry may create the best outcomes for this landscape in the face of historic drought.

Please be sure to visit the How We Are Different page to read about some of our farming practices and unique certifications that make our meats a cut above the rest.

Our dedication to this place and to feeding our community the best, most vitality-rich food while stewarding the land in the most ecologically responsible way we can continue to light our fires, each and every day.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little more about the “Why” behind the next chapter at Casad Family Farms. 

Now, get ready to FEAST!

Your farmers,

Cate, Chris & Hesston Casad


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